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Posted by gamingforacure on April 20, 2011 at 12:22 PM

Sorry that the blog has been so lacking lately, things have been very complicated around the offices here. I have been planning for a wedding and in the process of purchasing a house. Our Webmaster Don had fallen very ill and is slowly climbing back to health in Ann Arbor. So as you can see things have been kinda crazy!

But fear not the gang here at GFAC are working hard to bring you another great event this year! We have a lot of sponsors from last year that are continuing their support and a variety of new sponsors as well.

Updates for both the Cherry Capital Con and our Main Event can be found on the front page of this website.

Now on to the real reason we are here. To bask in the glow of the Founders Words of Gaming Wisdom! Or rather the Random Ramblings of a Fanboy...

 Lately I have been infatuated by board games. They have taken on a new level of amazingness over the years and I for one am very excited about the possibilties of board games in the future. In my heyday as a gamer during college we all enjoyed games like Axis & Allies, Risk, and Stratego. I remember one game of Risk that lasted for 5 days! Which was great when you had the time and space to leave a game in progress for so long, but now that we are older and have full time jobs, families and responsibilites those are luxuries that we no longer have. But there is no reason we should give up quality games.

Yes we might at times spend an evening playing Shoots and Ladders with our family, but we as Gamers need more involved gameplay and serious competition, even if it is among friends.

One company that has peeked my interest over the past year or so is Fantasy Flight Games. Their group of designers and artists are second to none. Every game they produce combines beautiful components, in depth game play, and extremely well crafted pieces. Case in point, a few months ago Buddy, one of our fellow gamers here at the local FGS, brought in his copy of the Horus Heresy Boardgame and was looking for someone to play with. I was one of only a few people in the store and while everyone, including myself was not in the mood for a game, I caved anyway and agreed to give this MASSIVE game a try. As usual, once the box was open and the components began spilling out, I was in Gamer Heaven. Everything was beautiful and masterfully crafted. The 3D board really brought a cool new feature and once all of the hundreds of figures and cards were in place I nearly peed myself in excitement!

While Buddy gave me the crash course on the rules, I had to admit that I was hardly listening as I was entranced by the pagentry of it all. Finally we got underway and the game came to life! The guys at Fantasy Flight really captured the feel of the Final Battle of Treachery that is a pivital moment in the Warhammer 40,000 universe. I felt the rush of anticipation as my demonic forces crashed in to the outer walls of the Imperial Palace and then the stress of battle as Horus' ship was infiltrated by the Emperor himself and the Final Showdown took place.

All in all it was a great time and we had many onlookers who were cheering for both sides (well maybe not cheering, but they differently had their favorites). Fantasy Flight definately gave me an afternoon of fun and fantasy, which has also come from many of their other titles as well, including Talisman, Battlestar Galactica, Sid Meyer's Civilization, and City of Thieves.

All have extremely well created game components and endless replayability. Try a few out, check out their fantastic reviews on and come see them played on July 16th at our Main Event.

More information about their games can be found at

Until next month, Enjoy life and Game On!


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