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2016 Summer Event Silent Auction Items

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We've been waiting to post this for the "appropriate" time...SO!...Who Ya Gonna Call? GHOSTBUSTERS!!

This is a game that you will be able to play at the Winter Gaming for a Cure event. So far we have really enjoyed this one from the Cryptozoic company! It comes with everything you could ever need to play (unless you want their Ghostbusters 2 game as well) including 40 figures.

The game itself is a cooperative game which means all the players (1 to 4 people) work together to beat the game. It has 15 separate scenario cards for you to link together or choose any one to play by itself. Every time you play the outcome is not guaranteed to be the same! Cryptozoic also has a random scenario generator on their website that allows you to make up your own scenarios too! All this along with the fact that you get a model of the Stay Puft Man to stomp around the board makes this a great game for everyone including fans of the movies.


We Don't Need Another Hero...Well the Machinas game from Two Hour Wargames isn't exactly based on the Road Warrior, but it is of a similar theme. In this game you are actually a driver in a racing circuit in the far after the bomb future. The game allows you to play Solo or as part of a group very effectively. It also allows you to play a campaign where your driver(s) improve as they go. If they survive of course!

The rule system can be a little confusing at first but it really is quite simple once you get the hang of it...If you go to their website and click on the game they have a how to play video!

This IS a print and play game, and they include everything but dice in the file. So you can start racing right away. We will be putting on games of this at the December event complete with models instead of the cards included in the game. So strap on your spiked helmet, load up your machine guns and get ready to drop some nails behind you as you pass your opponents. Machinas is a fast paced, thrill a minute racing game and is a great addition to your game closet.

Cthulhu Dice

SOoooo... You wanna drive your "FRIENDS" crazy?

Well then grab a simple little game called Cthulhu Dice (pronounced Ka- Thoo- Loo) from Steve Jackson Games. It's roughly $6. The goal? Force your opponents to loose all of their marbles...Literally! The game comes with a bag full of flat marbles, a large 12 sided die and a 1 page rule sheet.

Players get a number of the marbles to represent their sanity. When you lose all of your marbles you go insane. Last player with any sanity wins...BUT! Cthulhu may just drive you all insane! Moohahaha!! It's a simple, strangely compelling game that we highly recommend especially since it's so cheep!

It will be available to play at our event on December 9th for those of you that like to laugh maniacally, or just want a quick game to play while you await your turn for another game.

Demo Games

Here's a note about one of our games that we're excited about bringing you at the Winter Campaign

The Hoth Table Top Miniatures Game. Sponsored by Gaming for a Cure

"The First Transport is AWAY!"

...Can you and a small band of Rebels fend off the massive Imperial Walkers long enough to get everyone out of Echo Base and off to safety?

Find out in the War Room at 10:30 am. You don't need previous gaming experience to play, just a willingness to fight the Empire and follow simple directions. There is room for up to 10 players to join in the action, and games can take up to 45mins. All the supplies are provided.

So stop in to cheer on the Rebels and boo the Imperials (as long as Lord Vader isn't watching), or join in the action. It's Free, It's Fun, It's an adventure!

This game is the only game we will be playing at GFAC that is not commercially available. You can only play it at Gaming for a Cure events.

Please Like and Share with everyone you know who will be going to the GFAC and hates Cancer!

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