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This page is intended to allow gamers and gaming groups or clubs from the Grand Traverse and surrounding counties find each other.  Gaming Groups or Clubs may list their gaming interests, where they play, and contact information. If you would like to add your Group, Club or League send your contact info by clicking here.


Wings of Glory League - Play the Wings of War aircraft combat game by Nexus Games - Meets every first and third Saturday at TC Paintball just south of Chum's Corner- Call Charlie Stout III for more info (231-313-3180) 

 Alliance LARP

Alliance Traverse City is a proud member of the Alliance LARP, a nation wide group of LARP (Live-Action-Role Playing)  chapters with dedication to running a safe, quality game with consistent plot and rules.


 Dagorhir - Welcries

Welcrie is dedicated to providing a safe environment for a fun enjoyable experience into the medieval fantasy world.





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Demo Games

Here's a note about one of our games that we're excited about bringing you at the Winter Campaign

The Hoth Table Top Miniatures Game. Sponsored by Gaming for a Cure

"The First Transport is AWAY!"

...Can you and a small band of Rebels fend off the massive Imperial Walkers long enough to get everyone out of Echo Base and off to safety?

Find out in the War Room at 10:30 am. You don't need previous gaming experience to play, just a willingness to fight the Empire and follow simple directions. There is room for up to 10 players to join in the action, and games can take up to 45mins. All the supplies are provided.

So stop in to cheer on the Rebels and boo the Imperials (as long as Lord Vader isn't watching), or join in the action. It's Free, It's Fun, It's an adventure!

This game is the only game we will be playing at GFAC that is not commercially available. You can only play it at Gaming for a Cure events.

Please Like and Share with everyone you know who will be going to the GFAC and hates Cancer!

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